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Dr Bill Webster's knowledge of the grief process is a unique blend of personal experience, academic education and practical application. Born and educated in Scotland, Bill moved to Canada to be married. After his wife died suddenly in 1983, he struggled to come to terms with his loss. As part of his doctoral work at the University of Toronto he studied the grieving process. He has developed grief support systems for many communities, helping people come to terms with their illness and loss. Bill is the author of the following books, which you may order direct from his website, - (Opens in a new window)

Why me?

"Why Me?" offers support for those coming to terms with a life threatening illness, balancing the many practical issues that one faces with the other reality that you do not want to give up hope. It assists people, along with family and friends, to discover what is really important in such difficult circumstances, and to face the challenges with patience, courage and determination.

Now what?

This excellent booklet is designed to assist and comfort people in the early, numbing days of loss. It helps us understand what to expect in the weeks and months after a loss, and makes suggestions as to how to cope with those feelings. A good introduction to 'GRIEF JOURNEY', this booklet is most helpful for people to do not feel ready to deal with the loss.

Help Me If You Can

Dr. Bill Webster's latest 184 page book designed to assist family's and individuals coping with life threatening situations. Packed with understanding and practical suggestions, including the need for professional services,legal and financial planning, and funeral arrangements.

Grief Journey

Beginning with the story of the loss of his own wife, Bill Webster tells of the many surprising emotions he experienced, and the tasks he had to fulfil to work through the loss and move on. The short chapters are designed to make reading easier for grieving people whose concentration may be affected. Dr. Webster describes his book as a 'road map through the grieving process'. An excellent resource for the grieving individual and a good book for grief support programmes.


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