Evening Funerals


For most working people in the UK, a standard day at work is about eight hours. If we add commuting time, which is reportedly an average of forty five minutes per trip, that’s a total of nine and a half hours that we dedicate to earning enough money to pay for our bills.

When you consider that during the winter months the days can last for as little as a measly seven hours and fifty odd minutes, it’s easy to see why we leave the house in darkness, spend the day at work in artificial light and then return home in darkness.

Evening FuneralsThis of course also means that activities that require the light of day are also severely hampered during the dark winter months and that would include funerals.

Luton Borough Council has in response to requests for later burials arranged to carry out mock funerals under floodlights as part of a risk assessment to help ascertain how safe it is to allow funeral s to take place under these conditions. If all is successful, we may soon see a new ‘trend’ sweeping the funeral profession where people specifically request an evening funeral.

Luton Council says the floodlights would cost £2000 to be purchased and plans on charging £50 for each use.