Go out with a bang


Why sending loved one's ashes heaven bound in a firework display is proving more popular than everMany people now wish to make their passing a happier occasion, where friends and family can remember someone as they were in life.

In true celebration of a life well-lived, there is always the option of having ashes incorporated into a fireworks shell and set off after a cremation.

Less conventional than a burial, cremation fireworks are slowly gaining acceptance among mourners echoing the grandeur of send-offs of royalty, where bodies and/or caskets are placed on rafts, put on water and set ablaze.

The fireworks display can, of course, be tailored to suit the individuals' personality, with louder and larger fireworks to remember the life of a more extrovert character, and quieter, more discreet fireworks for a more reserved personality.

Whether set over water or land, this is a unique way for a funeral to end.

The images of a brightened sky containing the ashes of a loved one are a memory surely remembered for a long time, if not forever.